Split 7" with The Clippers

by Coping



Split 7" with The Clippers available on vinyl and for digital download.

200 on green vinyl.
125 on gold vinyl.
100 on black vinyl.
75 on white vinyl (tour only).

Infinite amount available for digital download.


released February 2, 2011

Released by Topshelf Records. Recorded and mixed by Neil Pandya for Sons of Suns Recordings and mastered by Carl Saff for Saff Mastering.



all rights reserved


coping Chicago, Illinois

Couple of dudes playing in a couple of bands that didn't sound much like this band or each other's bands came together and did whatever this is.

Songs about our general sloth and inability to lead coherent lives.

Visit the websites of Protagonist Records and Deathwish Records to score a copy of the NOPE LP. Thanks.

Email us at CopingChicago@gmail.com if you're interested in things.
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Track Name: Stoopin'
I'm so elated that I'm getting so damn upset about something so small. Losing interest in everything, but now I'm losing it in most things. Oh my god it's such a great day to go out and ruin a good thing. Holy shit my nerves are locking, I can feel it in my chest. Let it go. Look all day and wind up right back in the same place. But I think I got it. So let's hang in the kitchen and get high I never thought the answers to killing time could be found at the bottom of several bottles.
Track Name: F For Now
I'm lacing up my shoes. I'm going out tonight but I'm staying in my head and smoking your cigarettes I found on the kitchen counter. Maybe I want you to notice, and maybe I want you to catch me. Maybe I want you notice, and maybe I want you. You look best in the morning, in my flannel shirt, and sheets that keep you warm. That plaster, the ceiling won't last that long. My history keeps my tongue locked behind my teeth and I just can't shake these memories when I know that they have made me who I am. I'm tripping backwards over time lines that I can't forget. I'm moving nowhere on a treadmill there's nothing to it.