by coping



March 11, 2014:

The LP is now available for ordering through Protagonist Records and Deathwish Inc. Follow the Google to pursue the wax. You can do it if you try.

The LP includes a download code but if you are against the destruction of vinyl trees and the slaughter of vinyl dolphins (there's a sea punk joke in there somewhere) you can download it on iTunes.


released September 17, 2012

Recorded by Matt Jordan -
Mastered by Will Killingsworth -



all rights reserved


coping Chicago, Illinois

Couple of dudes playing in a couple of bands that didn't sound much like this band or each other's bands came together and did whatever this is.

Songs about our general sloth and inability to lead coherent lives.

Visit the websites of Protagonist Records and Deathwish Records to score a copy of the NOPE LP. Thanks.

Email us at if you're interested in things.
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Track Name: Somewhere In Skokie
Have you ever thought that I dont care for anything you have to say to me
Track Name: B
last night you came to take a swing
that'd be fine, but im getting old
youre getting loud
and if you feel bad, if you got something on your mind
you can leave to remember the things that you want and
yell till you finally think that you found your premise for your revenge
last night i remember the last thing you said was something about how those people are much better for you
and in a week, i'll feel weak.
you're bringing my shoulders to my feet
and you're killing me with your circular logic
that frustrating stance that never wavers
does it waver?
oh i'm impressed that you can stop it
you're talking so fucking loud i can't hear anything
Track Name: Everything No Problem
hey last night was a mess
as if we had nothing else to say
and you probably thought you made it better
no matter what you think
you know you are always right
this conversation is changing
and context is fading into fishing for new friends
someone you can flatter and toss away
like me
no matter what you think
you are not that
everything no problem
Track Name: Where's A.T. At?
hey i'm back in the city on my own
and wouldn't you know it? i am so young
all i wanted was to see you play but i'm bailing my friends out of jail tonight
now we're running out of bars and through these backyards
but it's hard to see when we hide behind our own apathy.
where's my friend at?
where's A.T. at?
Track Name: Teach Me How To Fish
why can't we shut up?
don't you know that the best moments come in between our words?
so roll the window down and let the wind do the talking.
yea the old ways keep taking me over
they're so old
hit the pavement running
and i don't really want to stop until my heart does
these old ways keep taking me over
and this sharp new judgement of my own character
is taking me home tonight
is that so?
you're so alone that you'll hold anyone just to feel at home?
cause i know
i'm so alone and i'll hold anyone just to feel at home.
Track Name: Ro' Money Ro' Problems
when i woke up with you this morning
and all that shit you seemed to spew from the back of the van
yeah thats fine, is it so bad?
dealing with you is kinda like hating your best friend
when all of those comical things will just lead to a sigh
cant you have your fun
so i can have mine
all of those comical things that you had with your best friends...
best friends leave
Track Name: Love Tigress
you found me at the right time
that stare does wonderful things.
i can't believe my ears
and you have that smirk
like im waking up and never be banking on seeing you again
because you know
because you think
you're the best
don't be jealous of what i'm holding on to
don't be jealous of what's not yours
we need the confidence
did you find it all,
or did you find it at all
you're the best
everything's the same
and everything has strings
so fuck you
you're not my friend
to be guessing what i'm thinking here
so snide with your first words
i guess you didn't know
but baby i can scream
Track Name: Knuckle Puck
my problems are buried
six feet under where the flowers start to grow
between your broken bones
i'm on the beach now with my brother
you drove us there
now let these waves take us back to you
you know i don't believe in broken things
so why are you breaking on me?
yea i don't believe in broken things
so break on me
you're broken and underground.
Track Name: #72 East
i jumped on the 7-2
when lifeless limbs meet naked eyes
they're always down if you don't care
it's best to leave all your baggage at the door
alex could've let me know
that i'd grow out of all those talks of you to me and me to you
and she could've let me know that my head will come and go
i took a chance and once again you caught me sleeping
halfway on the couch or lying in the street
i would rather not drink the day away
Track Name: Double Perfect
opposed to being bored and stuck at home
im guessing that i just found you
i got this feeling that we want the same thing
make your move for it
that's the shit
you in the room?
you got the time to waste?
heres your chance
will you guess right?
because i guess right every time