Lawndale Cassette

by coping

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the first six songs recorded by coping in the summer of 2010.


released September 3, 2010

recorded and mixed by neil pandya for sons of suns recording, llc. at hotel wabansia, treasure town, and neil's luxurious penthouse.



all rights reserved


coping Chicago, Illinois

Couple of dudes playing in a couple of bands that didn't sound much like this band or each other's bands came together and did whatever this is.

Songs about our general sloth and inability to lead coherent lives.

Visit the websites of Protagonist Records and Deathwish Records to score a copy of the NOPE LP. Thanks.

Email us at if you're interested in things.
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Track Name: Left Ear
if it wasn't for the morning and your sighs iron out the wrinkles in my skin i don't trust your hands but i can feel your face smiling on my chest
Track Name: Croquet
oh the backyard where life is progress friendship and beer here overlap themselves makes a jumbled mess of words can't figure out how this shit works i'm tired of drinking my way out of everything and it's my fault your stressed are you stressed well let's go play croquet
Track Name: '95 Mariners
you're only calling to tell me things i wanted to hear five years ago when i was lonely i crunch digits day and night trying to forget your number and all my problems if i could find a way to cut your face out the fucking picture i'd follow you home waving goodbye turning off a light that once shined so bright i miss my summer days
Track Name: Mixed Horror Stories
when i wake up with my speakers i snooze too late on my back until noon can bending corners straighten hallways by the afternoon if i'm not waiting for no one why am i waiting it feels like everyday i pull my slivers during arts and crafts i'm really trying hard at getting nowhere fast but i'll stick it out another five until my clothes are dry until my brain stops spinning it seems like everyday i'm pulling slivers are you waiting because i'm always hating
Track Name: Robert Pershing Wadlow
content mishap call it a freudian slip through your lips i saw it clearly the last time that you smiled big not the first time that i lost a best friend that that sign on your face says gone to where people start to shut off thought the chemistry was almost there
Track Name: Seniors
it better be a good day it seems like i have not had one in fifteen fucking years waking up in a big bed sleeping next to sweat for company it's not like i expected anything from the new year more self discovery living in a landfill it takes a lot to be yourself so do whatever makes you feel fine i guess it's not so bad repeating all these conversations and i guess it's not so bad but i'm pretty sure we've heard it all before